Elda Elementary PTO


Welcomes You!!!

The purpose of the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) is to promote the welfare of all Elda students through our support of time, energy, and funds.  The PTO also works cooperatively with educators to ensure that every child has the highest advantage in education, social growth, and development.  To fulfill our purpose, WE NEED YOU!  The success of the PTO and the activities it provides to all the students depends on the participation and membership of the parents and staff.



To join our fantastic PTO all you have to do is fill out some basic contact information. Our goal is to have 100% of our families join the PTO!  Together we can make Elda a fun place to learn and make our community stronger and closer.  We think there is a way for every family to be a part of a PTO project!  Every little bit helps...whether it be a donated food item for our teachers, an hour volunteering at a family fun activity, or putting labels on candy grams at home.  There is something for everyone!!!!

What's Coming Up?

Friday, October 26: BooGrams are due! You can print more BooGrams HERE!


Conferences will take place the last week of October.

Please help us provide our teachers with a great meal for conferences! You can sign up with the following links.

BBQ Sandwiches Provided by 1st and 2nd Grade on October 23rd

Variety of Appetizers Provided by 3rd and 4th Grade on October 25th

Pizza Provided by Morning Kindergarten on October 30th

Sandwiches Provided by Afternoon Kindergarten on November 1st


Friday, November 16, 6:00pm: Cookies and Canvas Paint Night Get your flyer HERE!

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LEI Home Enhancements


LEI Home Enhancements will be sponsoring Elda Elementary in the Venice Cornerstone this year.  A big THANK YOU to everyone at LEI for their sponsorship!  



2018-2019 Board Members


Becky Kremer- President

Tara Huff- Vice President

Jodie Michel- Secretary

Megan Minges Hoock- Corresponding Secretary

Tracy Shroyer- Treasurer


Contact us at